Chemical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering is inextricably connected with our lives in many distinct ways; involving ways of production from drugs to garments; food to healthcare products, from molecules to genes. It is a universal branch of engineering and aims at improving the quality of life by converting raw materials into more durable and usable products. Chemical Engineering plays a central role in the development of science and technology. Thus if a candidate is interested in nitty-gritty of chemical science that can help in making and improving just about everything that we see around us, then a career in Chemical Engineering can be a possible choice for you.

Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions to solve practical problems or make useful products. It deals with the application of physical science and life sciences with mathematic, to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms. Engineers in this field use math, physics, and economics to solve technical problems. They design and invent new processes. Engineers in this field are employed by almost all companies in the chemical process industry. Chemical Engineers can find jobs in chemical industries, petrochemical industries, manufacturing plants, mining industries, research Institutes, and Natural Gas industry etc.

This special feature of Careers360 brings to you an overview of this branch of Engineering, its career opportunities & scope, job profile details and top engineering colleges offering Chemical Engineering. We also bring you insights on job profiles and top recruiters for Chemical Engineering.

Core Subjects:

Chemical Engineering as a discipline has come a long way. Various developments in chemical practices have paved the way for more advanced fields like Nano-Technology, Bio-Engineering, Bio-Molecular Engineering, Material processing or Meteorology and Industrial design. Thus, it is one of the most flourishing and fastest growing fields with global application in our everyday life. Modern innovations like human genome project, genetic engineering and DNA sequencing has changed the face how chemical engineering was earlier perceived.

The core subjects of Chemical Engineering are as follows:

Solid Mechanics
Complex Analysis
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Intro to Transport Phenomena
Environmental Studies
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer
Process Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Intro to Electrical and Electronics Circuits
Molecular Cell Biology
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Mass Transfer Operations
Material Science
Process Control
Process Equipment Design & Economics
Chemical Processes
Chemical Process Design

Higher Education:

Almost all the IITs and NIT @ Agartala, Calicut, Durgapur, Raipur, Rourkela, Tiruchirapalli, Srinagar and Warangal offer M.Tech in Chemical Engineering. Other Than these institutes, renowned institutes like Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Jadavpur University, offer postgraduate courses in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Candidates who wish to pursue specialization after graduation (BE/B.Tech) can choose from any of the following fields:
Chemical Engineering
Bio Mineral Processing
Chemical Synthesis and Process Technologies
Chemical Technology
Dyestuff Technology
Fibre and Textile Processing Technology
Technology in Polymer Science
Technology in Surface Coating Technology
Oils, Oleo chemicals and Surfactants Technology

Job Prospects:

The industry requires huge numbers of engineers to tap the untapped potential domestically and overseas. Since, India’s chemical sector is forecasted to grow at 8-9 percentover the next decade; the industry is seeking to spread its wings in every corner of the country. The industry has an increased international penetration besides meeting the advancing domestic demands.

Therefore, there is a rising demand of potential chemical engineers to fill the gaps having vast potential. Since the industrial expansion is phenomenal, chemical engineering is seen as a promising career option among the young aspirants.

Job profile:

Chemical Engineers play a significant role in the advancement of systems that depend upon material response for their functioning. Chemical Engineer knows how to predict and tailor the outcomes of chemical reactions and synthesize chemicals. They use their wisdom to find the solutions to challenges involving everyday products.

The industry offers multiple roles for skilled professionals. Some of the job roles are as follows:
Research on new products
Designing, Installing, Commissioning and Maintaining new plants
Production, Development, Operation and Conversion of different products into energy.
Monitoring developments and trouble shooting
Application of new technologies
Assessing options for plant expansion
Synchronizing work with other engineers for maximum output