B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management:-

B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course divided into 6 semesters. Travel and Tourism management has achieved quite some success in the recent few years due to its engaging and diverse sphere of relevance. This is owing to the Travel and Tourism industry’s rapid development as one of the leading industries of the world.

In recent times, Travel and Tourism has become one of the important members in ‎international commerce, and it represent at the same time one of the most essential income ‎sources for many developing countries.
With a strong foundation in Commerce, this course offers specialization in the travel and tourism industry.

The course acquires increasing relevance in light of factors such as:-

• Fast diversification of, and competition among preferred destinations.
• Rapid growth and increasing importance of the travel industry in India and abroad.
With a pioneering and industry-driven curriculum, this course aims to equip students with:
• analytical, and policy-making skills.
• skills in sustainable tourism management.
• tourism- related expertise within both commercial business enterprises and the public-sector tourism industry.
• communication skills and customer-related service skills.
• management skills in relation to the discipline of tourism.
• skills in exploration of theories and business models that comprise tourism management.
• ability to operate effectively in the tourism and leisure industry.
• professional familiarity with operations of a travel agencies, etc.

This course in Tourism Administration is a combination of theoretical and practical components of study.
Students enrolled to the course are offered the opportunity to participate in various cultural and sports activities where they can learn to develop interpersonal and communication skills relevant to tourism administration.

B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management:

What is it About?

B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management has been designed to offer to eligible candidates:

• basics in navigating the travel and tourism industry.
• advanced understanding of issues related to business and resource management.
• advanced lessons in tourism’s effect on the world economy.
• understanding of the political impact of tourism.
• professional familiarity with incorporation of information technology into the hospitality industry.
• background in how to properly manage all aspects of:
1. lodging
2. travel
3. food services
4. event planning.
The course aims to prepare students for job roles such as:
• Hotel Manager
• Event Planner
• Airline Manager
• Travel Agent, and others such.

Enrolled students are taught advanced lessons in:
• importance of leadership in the workplace.
• strategic decisions in business operations.
• business and financial decisions those employed in the tourism industry must make.
• financial relevance of tourism.
• impact of global issues on the tourism industry
• management of traditional and atypical business programs.

• Topics of interest such as:
1. construction
2. business financing
3. sales management
4. currency exchange
5. politics
6. sociology
7. economics
8. environmental concerns
9. international tourism management.

B.Com. in Tourism and Travel Management: Career Prospects:-

Travel and Tourism sector is growing at a fast pace in India. Government is increasingly giving much importance to the tourism sector. Many plans and initiatives have been designed and developed by the government keeping this sector in mind, owing to its potential to not only employ numerous Indian nationals, but also help generate more revenue.

With increase in the importance of this sector, the industry is going to need an increased number of qualified travel and tourism professionals.

The field of Travel and Tourism primarily involves:

• management of tourists
• travel management
• hospitality management
• tour management etc.

Popular areas of employment open to such professionals include:

• Airlines
• Tourism Boards
• Government-run Hotels
• Government Tourist information offices
• Transportation services
• Travel agencies
• Travel consultancies
• Tour operations
• Travel and ticketing websites
• Visa and travel document service firms
• Tourist Resorts
• Tourist information offices
• Hotels, Cruise lines, etc.
Some of the top professional profiles open to such graduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.